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This is just a wad i made that's based off of marilyn manson's sweet dreams cover and his holywood album.


It works with only gzdoom (like all my wads)


I used the doom 2 iwad.


It's only a single level but i may add onto it later on.


I don't know how difficult it is since there's only the pump shotgun, chaingun and pistol to use and very little health kits.


If anyone wants to add onto this level then feel free to because i doubt i'll do anything to it anytime soon and plus i need to know if there's anything that won't work or i need to improve on.





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Hm, the screenshots look very square. And not the good kind of square either ;) I will give it a try though


edit1: ugh, why did you put gzdoom with the wad...

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Man, why you zip gzdoom with your wad? Most of people have this source port and you only need put your wad in your zip. It will save space and spare those 10mb, because gameplay only takes 5-7 minutes or even less. 

My suggestions:
1. More height variations, most of your maps are flat as heck. Even small pool or small crater can make it difference.
2.Swap around the mapping themes and colours. For example, marble hell, destroyed techbase, crate mazes...
3.Try think deeper about your monster encounters. Now, most of them are just placed randomly, they kill each other and player just walks around unscratched and bored. Try create ambushes, some kind of puzzles, tasks, reasons... make it harder for player.
4.Zdoom/Gzdoom  mapping formats have linedef action 9 "line horizon", which makes textures render as sky, you could use it around your high walls.
5. Learn add some curves or just cut those cornes to make it less squary. 

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3 hours ago, therektafire said:

Hm, the screenshots look very square. And not the good kind of square either ;) I will give it a try though


edit1: ugh, why did you put gzdoom with the wad...


Because i'm a moron/idiot that can't do anything right.

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Well here is a UV max demo in 4:56




My thoughts on this map:


*Too many hitscanners in too flat of an area, especially with what little cover there is both inside and outside. I spent most of the beginning cowering in a corner waiting for the chaingunners and shotgunners to infight themselves away because I kept getting killed whenever I tried to just run straight outside lol


*The detailing is kind of ok but also kind of bad. The blood trails from the hanging bodies on the ceiling were a nice touch but the indoor area had the exact same light level as outside which doesn't really make much sense and makes the level look worse.


*It was way too short, just a big square area with some hitscanners and barons placed randomly along with a cyberdemon in the middle of the also square and completely empty inside area along with a lost soul or 2, the only reason it took me 5 minutes is because after my initial corner cowering period I was literally trying to kill a cyberdemon with a normal shotgun and a chaingun, not the most fun gameplay in the world, especially since this is DOOM 2, NOT DOOM 1... I would even have rather took the @Nine Inch Heels approach and berserk fisted the damn thing, that would have even been more fun for me and I'm not even very good at tysoning...


So overall not the greatest map but there is potential, just remember to stop putting gzdoom with your wad ok?

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