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Good Doom 64 custom levels?

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I am in the biggest Doom 64 mood today. Anybody knows of any good Doom 64 custom levels that have been made recently or even just in general? It doesn't matter if they are for Brutal Doom 64, Doom 64 retribution or Doom 64 EX, as long as I can play them :)


EDIT: You can also mention levels that aren't made for Doom 64 per say but have custom texture themes that work well along side the Doom 64 monsters/graphics since I can play them as a mod for the above mentioned ports/mods.

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A few years ago, z0k was working on a Doom 64 Ex map pack that sadly got abandoned, but at least 5 maps were completed (including one that i made for the proyect and got no feedback from no one at all lol), you could check em out it's good stuff

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