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If Doom guy had a fighting game theme...

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Which would fit Doom guy the most in your opinion? Hell, you can even choose one for Ranger or Caleb or anybody in the old-school FPS universe, really.

And theme songs can be from any fighting games you know, love or at least listen to its soundtrack.


I think Doom guy's theme would actually be


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Dang, someone should make a mod for doom that replaces the music with tracks from fighting games.


I'd play that.

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Posted (edited)

At Hell's Gate is usually used as Doomguy's theme.

EDIT: Also, if PWADs are allowed, "2012" By Jimmy always seemed like a really cool fit for Doom to me.

Edited by Zulk RS

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epic2 doomguy's theme




ok i just wanted to post the best fighting game tune

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also, forgot to put a track that could suit Doomguy......well, take this


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For just the Doomguy, I pick "Ground Zero Funk" from Tekken 5. It sort of captures the sound of classic Doom and, by extension, him.



But I like clone characters, so let's also assign the Doom Slayer his own theme. A Mick Gordon track is probably too obvious a pick, but "Type-03" does fit.



Maybe some other time, I'll come up with picks for the Doom 3 Marine and/or Doom 64 Marine, not to mention other FPS protagonists.


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