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Snowy Caves.

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Hey. it's been a while. After I took a little break I decided to make a snowy, nice, easy map.  I Used I chillax textures. You need to jump and crouch in that map. I Recommend using OpenGL mode because the map is pretty dark. Tested in Zandronum and Skulltag. You can use doom2.wad. Have fun!  http://www.mediafire.com/file/ldso7nvi244wlj0/snowy.wadScreenshot_Doom_20180429_181816.png.b2e399cf09cd33347894dbd1c5a541a4.pngScreenshot_Doom_20180429_181925.png.f0266616804722e0b3d96aaaa79c0b4b.png

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