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Eternity bug?

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Just downloading and trying the new Eternity Engine and it rocks!

But, there is an annoying and strange bug: If i set to "No" the option in compability "monsters walk through tall ledges" or something like this, monsters get stuck in their places and don't move. If you get close to those who have melee attack, they hit you, but don't move. Only floating monsters (cacos, pains and LS) move normally. Any workaround to this problem? If i set the option to "yes" everything comes fine, but is strange seeing Arachnotrons and Mancubii walking through tiny tall stairs.


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You need the patched version. Redownload the zip. The zip that was up at first for a couple of hours had this problem which was previously undetected and was just caused by some code that was moved around.

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