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MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

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With the current resource wad, BFG9000 shots only consume 1 cell each.
I assume that's a leftover from the rapid-fire RL's previous slot :)

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Some wip screenies of the first half of the map. Got the structure and level flow mostly done, still working on texturing and encounters.










Outdoor area






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Let it be known that I am not sitting around with thumb up butt and dixie being whistled.

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1 hour ago, Urthar said:

Making a start, thinking of going with circles instead of octagons.


*Neat Octagonal Room*

If I may, I think the octagonal design works the aesthetic very well.

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2 hours ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:

If I may, I think the octagonal design works the aesthetic very well.

I'll stick with them then. :)

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Hello, I would like to participate this comunity project, i am already preparing a map for it

I put the spoilers in it, seeing that it is quite a long immage.




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Your screens are nice. :)

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On 5/2/2018 at 11:13 AM, Obsidian said:

Would you be able to post the texture here once you've found/made it? That way I can add it to the resources with minimal fuss.


Boop! They took a few attempts at recolouring but they fit what I wanted now, although I admit they're a bit borderline between red/orange...



I also posted some shots of them in-game here.

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Current progress of my map.

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If all's well with it, I'd like to (attempt to) contribute a map to this project.

The last map I built and completed was in September last year, so I'd like to finish another.


Something I noticed: the grey slime doesn't seem to be animated, or am I doing something incorrectly?



Screens for what I've gotten done so far. There isn't much.



Start area. Nowhere near complete yet.



Caves just to the east of the start. Not finished here, either. Needs heavy polish at least.



A facility interior. This is reached via the caves.

Ultimately, the plan is a simple nonlinear map with a key or two and one or two puzzles.

Edited by Aquila Chrysaetos : Updates, dear boy.

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9 hours ago, CardBoxDoomer said:

Ey can you use mp3s? 


Nah, as far as I know MP3s don't work in PrBoom+. I'd recommend sticking to MIDIs.

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Update bump!

A progress report so you guys can see what I'm getting done.

Also so I actually do it.





The cave again, added some stuff to the walls to make it look less flimsy. Will get some ceiling variation in tomorrow and get it polished eventually.



The chaingun room. 'Nuff said.



I've no idea what this room is supposed to be, but I like it.



Grey slime reservoir and a small crate maze.



Another little storage room.

If I can stop myself from making this map absolutely massive (which is going to be quite the task), then I might have it done in the next few days.

Also, I added the rocket fire rapid launcher in a secret.

Speaking of secrets, there's one with the green armor, one with a soulsphere, one with a blue armor, one with a backpack, one with the rapid launcher, and one with a plasma rifle.

Not sure where this is going, I'm just hoping I don't make it too big.

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My map is now ready for feedback and testing: RedMay.zip

some issues is that: i could have done the enemy placement better, and maybe that it needs more ammo pick ups here and there.

Edited by Redead-ITA

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Update bump.


Screenshots first. Lots of them.




The improved starting area. Much less flimsy than before. Neat and aligned.



















A nice, pretty bookshelf room for @Obsidian.

















The ending teleporter is just on the other side of that switch.

The structure is complete! All now that needs to be done is the thing placement, testing, and balancing.

This ended up being much larger than I originally intended. It now clocks in with 3,856 vertices, 4,766 lines, and 1,060 sectors.

However, it should be complete and ready for first alpha release tomorrow for further balancing.

After I upload it the first time, I shall begin work on one for MAYhem Purple :).

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Upload bump!

I don't like posting twice in a row, but I'll make an exception for this.

Here is my map.


Note that it is not a stand alone, as I tested it in tandem with the resource wad.

Also, I've tested it on UV and I did alter things for the lower difficulties, but I have not run through them.

On top of that, I actually tested and beat it twice on UV (once without secrets and once with) to see the difference secrets make. It is staggering.

But, I've got it finished, so let me know what needs to be done to it and I will update it as soon as possible.

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12 minutes ago, bioshockfan90 said:

more goodies, this map's my best work i've done thus far, excited to get this out! :)



Nice :)


For my part , I share just 2 little in game screens.




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