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Can't save the nodes of the map


I'm making a new map for my wad, but the nodes don't save. Here's the error when I click "Save". 


Is this supposed to happen? How do I fix this in Doom Builder 2? I created 4 more maps in the same Wad already and neither had this problem! Some were even bigger than this one! 

2018-04-30 (2).png

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have you tried changing the nodebuilder thingy


you can go to tools->preferences or something like that and select the nodebuilder there (or in another options menu somewhere)

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Posted (edited)

Miracle! I fixed the problem on my own! The reason was that I had placed the player start outside of the map for some reason. Well, a clever bug! Now even the nodes are  saving normally! 


Mods and admins, feel free to close this topic. Thanks anyways, Bonnie. 

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