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Doombuilder and GZdoombuilder

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1. What is difference?

2. Which is biggest benefit of the GZdoombuilder?

3. On GZdoombuilder you able finish detail maps more fast than on Doombuilder?

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The geneology of the editor is thus




The main differences are behind the scene in programming.

DB2 development, by codeimp, was from r1 to approx r1715 with some overlap

GZDB development, by MaxED, was from approx r1715 to approxr2787 with some overlap

GZDBBF development, by ZZYZX, was from roughly r2787 to r3018 at present

So, there is a clear continuation of the editor programming with many additions and bugfixes.


DBX is further development of DB2 by anotak


Warning: large image below





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Posted (edited)

1: GZDoombuilder_Bugfix (which is the most recently developed version) is a fork of DoomBuilder 2 that adds support for more advanced source ports and map formats (Doom, Hexen and UDMF), as well as adding a large number of additional features and tools that benefit all types of Doom mapping.  Not to be confused with DoomBuilder X, which is a different fork.


2: Aside from being the only editor that supports the more cutting-edge source ports, the various additional tools make life much easier once you learn them.  However, DoomBuilder 2 (or DoomBuilder X) are generally a better bet for new mappers as the reduced tool-set is less intimidating (and less prone to crashing too).  


3: Eh, that depends on you.  If you are able to learn and make use of the various additional tools in GZDB_BF, then absolutely.  But they take time to learn. 

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