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The Bad Place - Deathmatch

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The Bad Place  2-4 player Deathmatch map

Single map


Hi, I have recently created a small DM map entitled "The Bad Place".

The Bad Place is a remake map based on the map in Quake, DM4 to be precise, and the name is the same.

It was a fun little map to play in Quake and still is, so I decided to make the map for Doom.

It's not exactly a replica or anything, that would be impossible I think, but it's pretty darn close!



The Bad Place "Deathmatch" map created by Mr.Rocket
A remake of a Quake map for Doom2.

Should be ran with:

Yes because the wad is built around using QStuff Ultra.
~ Which would only work in OpenGL anyway.
Because of this, the level utilizes dynamic lights and would be rather
dark in software mode otherwise.
So even though (it can run in software mode), it isn't suggested.

Created for:
Works best with Zandronum.
The wad will run properly under GZDoom and QZDoom without QStuff loaded.
~ Otherwise the sound fx will cut off, I haven't looked into why yet.
It could be the sample rate of the ogg files.
~ Although it doesn't do this in Zandronum.


File name: The_Bad_Place.pk3 - quake_badplace.wad
Levels replaced: Map01
Player spawns: 1 for testing
Deathmatch spawns: 6 but the map is best suited for 2 player DM
New textures/graphics: Yes
New sound/music: Yes
New from scratch: Yes
Based on: QUAKE DM4 - The Bad Place
Build time: About a week
Editors used: GZDB, XWE, PSP7

Inspired by:
Id Software's Quake DM map: The Bad Place: dm4


id Software for "Doom and Quake" !

Additional Credits:
Urthar for "Dimension of the Boomed".
HorrorMovieGuy and ArcheKruz for the "Quake Stuff Ultra" mod - QStuff_UltraV2.pk3

Additional Credits Requested:
Dimension of the Boomed resources but not all used in this wad:

Shambler sprites generated from Skiffy's updated Shambler MDL.
Spawn sprites generated from Arcane Dimensions updated Spawn MDL.
Scrag sprites directly lifted from Eriance's 'Wicked' monster.
Minigun pickup sprite from Tormentor667's 'Minigun' weapon.
Silent Zorah's Quake MIDIs replace the original soundtrack in the stripped down resource WAD.

Resources Used:

"Dimension of the Boomed".
Which I borrowed some textures and sound effects from. :)
I would have like to include the color pal, but it didn't work so well with the Quake
Stuff mod as it doesn't have a palette change.
Have a look at this beast!

There's no resources used from QStuff in this wad, but it should actually be ran with this wad!
After all, it's what I had loaded as a resource while creating the map!
I'm aware there's a newer version of the mod out there, but I liked the sound fx
in the one I've requested in this readme file, however either version will work.
Nice mod guys! :)

Curious as to how well this pwad might play with the community at large.
It hasn't had much play testing at all yet.
The original Quake map played pretty well, but we have Doom physics this time around.
Hmmm, which leads be to believe it should be a pretty fun little DM map.
I was thinking of doing a CTF version of it, maybe, when I find the time.


Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels, but not modify it!
Please keep this readme file "quake_badplace.txt" in-tacked with the distribution of
this wad file and all of its contents.


That's all!
Have Fun - Happy DM'ing! :)








OpenGL - is needed in order to see the models in QStuff

Doom2.wad - it requires that you have the Doom2.wad as the primary resource wad, duh.

Zandronum - Works best with.

QStuff Ultra V2 - as the weapon and item placement is based around it.







Let me know if you encounter any bugs!

And above all, Have fun!




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Pretty neat! I loaded this up with Samsara and nothing seemed to be broken, though the weapon placement was a little off because of Samsara's slot system, but that's not a big deal. Looks like a good choice for Samsara duels.

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You're one of the reasons I got into mapping, I remember you sharing your whacko maps in deathmatch circles circa 1999/2000.


Look forward to firing this map up, most Quake projects leave a lot to be desired, so you have my hopes up!

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Thanks guys!

@Turbo Saber, Ah good!

Feel free to make whatever adjustments to the items for Samsara if you want, just call it Bad_Place_Sam, or something.

The item placements will be a little screwy do to the fact that the wad is meant to run with QStuff, which has random weapon spawn thing types.


@Vorpal, well that's good to hear that I got you into mapping, I think? :)

Hah, you may be referring to Plexydome? I'm not sure. It was a fairly abstract map, and well 3dfloors were new at the time so it was new to me too.

I made a lot of maps around the time but never released them, other than a few small examples for editing docs etc.

Oh yeah, aside from Mega4 and Mega5 of course, I did a remake of a Quake 3 map also.


The Bad Place is a rather small layout as you know, but it is stacked and the teleports make for some slightly different surprise/getaway/surprise gameplay.

If you have time, let me know how any play test goes.


Btw I was thinking of perhaps mirroring the map with an outdoor area between the 2 and turning it into a CTF version also. - maybe

And while I stay in the "Quake mind state", I may end up doing a remake of dm6, "The Dark Zone", if you remember that one.


Thanks again! 

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I love whole quake and dm4. Screenshots look fantastic, I'll try it for sure under Zandronum.


The dark zone - building room with a teleporter and stairs stick out of the walls (perforator room) will be time cosuming.

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I think this would be more interesting if you used the Quake layouts but did them with Doom textures, weapons, and gameplay.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

@Doomkid, ah good to hear! be sure to check it out with QStuff in Zan if you haven't. :)


@Teder, Thanks! 

The Dark Zone will indeed take a little longer and there are a couple places in which I'll no doubt need to add poly objects in order to recreate the functionality. If at all possible, I'll try not to use them though. The rest will require some 3dfloor trickery, but it shouldn't be too time consuming. 

There's actually over 50 3dfloor control sectors in The Bad Place, which is a lot considering the size of the map. This was mainly due to the fact that there's several places where the areas needed to overlap but not exactly on top of one another.


@Woolie Wool, heh if I were to do that it wouldn't so much be a remake anymore, aside from just the map layout. :)

Not that I hadn't thought about it while drawing the maps first few linedefs, I had QStuff Ultra loaded as a resource while doing so. (which was really a big part of the reason behind making the map). And once seeing the models in game and seeing how the placement totally changed the game play, it forced me to continue with what I was doing. 





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@Mr.Rocket I've just played your map. Huge work! Many years ago I was working on 3d floors stuff in doom and I know how much time it consumes. Incredible stuff!

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Thanks guys!


@Jon, Actually I haven't seen this particular one, and it's pretty good considering the time the mapping took place. It's a good concept with it being impossible to create any sort of floor over floor stuff back then, aside from the up coming doom legacy around that time. Thanks for the find! I actually looked around to see if there were any other reversions of "The Bad Place" before hand and came up with nothing. I suppose the wad I've just made here is somewhat special in that aspect of the Quake to Doom gender over 20 years later.  :P

There are some other Quake to Doom remakes out there having to do with specific maps which are actually pretty good and they all scream "hay don't forget me!" basically. And I wonder who all appreciates them today as we do.


@Teder, Thanks man!

I'll see what all I get done on The Dark Zone tonight, it's currently only about 2%. :)





~ Just a heads up, I don't plan on remaking all the Quake DM maps, just the ones I like most.




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