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Time of Depression (wip attempt at mapping)

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Okay so yesterday I had another meltdown over my inability to map, then once I chilled back out I made an industrial strength coffee, turned the radio on, and mindlessly cranked out this glorious(ly bad?) piece of slaughtertrash overnight. It's not done yet but I'm gonna post it now in its unfinished state anyway cuz i wanna know if it's worth continuing (imo yep it is but you tell me also)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/fppd3v9cik6dr1r/time of depression.wad?dl=1


Needs Doom 2, prboom+, idk what complevel but it uses boom generalized features, freelook prob okay but not tested with it. Difficulty levels not implemented. Looks like garbage but i'm having fun when playtesting it. Progress ends at the yellow door for now cuz i'm crashing from exhaustion at this point. I largely channeled vague memories of playing TimeOfDeath's maps while making this thing, hence the name. It's nowhere as brutal tho. Although i did channel a little bit of depression-induced hatred of everything into it.

Also @Keyboard_Doomer said he likes it.


Screenshots: (ones that don't spoil the map too much tho ;3c)





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The lack of brutality is fine, but I found the combat unsatisfying. ToD's easy maps generally play as fast-paced comically bloody power trips, but there isn't much of that here. 


1st fight: An okay fight because you can leave, so it works as an 'intro to herding' sort of fight, but it should also be fun to fight normally, and for that the SSG or RL would be better. Cleaning up all those imps with the chaingun is dull imo.

2nd fight: Doesn't work. HKs and barons are relatively harmless here, and what is left is rocket flinging at the sparse HKs. Would probably use arachnotrons on each step (if they can fit) instead, recalibrating the ammo to match. 

3rd fight: I like the way the former human trooper is used as bait. The best fight so far, but can still be improved. Manipulating where the revenants are killed is an interesting mechanic, but one vile isn't enough for that to matter too much, so you should probably use at least two. Worth adding something like a pain elemental or two to complicate the initial fight.  


The revenant perches could use monster block lines. I like the way the layout loops around here, and that infinite height isn't that much of a problem when you try to get down. Another highlight of the map so far is the blood stairs in the second room. I like the way the map looks. 


Here is a demo.




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