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FCT Shop v3 - A ZDaemon gamemode !

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Bonjour à tous !


I'm please to present to the Doomworld regulars the brand new and revamped FCT Shop! This mod is extremely straightforward; Kill demons, get money, buy stuff, rince & repeat!

Between each map, you are put in the shop area, where you can spend all of your hardly earned monies in diverse resources, such as new weapons, armors, ammo and helpful inventory tools! Money is earned by either selling your current weapons, killing monsters, looting their corpses and finding secrets. You can also share some of your money with fellow marines!

This mod introduces 15 new weapons for you to use against hell forces, heretic/hexen based inventory items, and the all new "item of the day" which lets you buy one particularly useful item (ranging from a jetpack to the masterkey so no doors can resist you in the next level)!

Additionally, the shop itself introduces a couple of neat things, like advertising billboards ('cause why not), NPCs, music selector, and other cool things!

Oh wait, did I mention you are limited to only shotguns and chainguns in actual maps? Welp, now you know! Relax though, if you join late in the wad rotation, in case of mission failure, you're sent back to the shop with a some extra cash to give you a kickstart!


Enough words, screenies!

























How do you get to play this mod?

Well, simple, install ZDaemon and connect to any of the Zero Dawn Network servers !

We currently host the following wads :

Standard Shop | Jenesis - Standard experience for getting as vanilla as possible!

Extreme Shop | Whispers of Satan - Custom monsters and more expensive gear!

Ultimate Shop | Ultimate 3HA + And the Bloodshed Began - Yes, 129 maps rotation !


Q&A just in case though there are only answers but no questions:

- FCT is a series of weekly game events created by JCD, Ch0wW and myself! Aim is to provide new game modes on a weekly basis!

- This mod was originally created in 2013 as part of the FCT events! The shop has come a long way since it's first appearance, you be the judge! with below screenies!

- Yes, this is essentially Stronghold for any pwad, glad you noticed!

- We did not go Zandronum/ZDoom as ZDaemon feels more interesting in terms of development challenge; Having less and looking forward to do more is surely interesting to pull off!

- Who did what in this mod? I made the map, JCD did all the ACS and Dehacked/DEHSUPP work, Ch0wW helped in ACS fixes/improvements and server settings for you to enjoy!

- Don't worry having someone steal all the monies; On each monster kill, 1/3 of the value is shared across all players!

- In case of death, you lose 50% of your current cash, and 10% of it, up to a maximum of $2500 is dropped on the floor for others to pickup - Makes failure less of a punishment!


Anyway, feel free to visit our servers! I hope you enjoy this mod as much as we had fun making it!


Bonus screenies below !



Original FCT #09 Shop v1 (2013 initial release)










Shop v2 part of FCT #20 (2013 aswell!)










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