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Game/Doom wad recommendations to hear my music over

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Lately I started to listen to a lot of music and while listening to it, I don't have many things to do.

I can stare at the screen and occasionally read lyrics or start mapping a bit, or write a program for homework, or browse Doomworld.


So, I wanted to find a game to play my music over (the music can range from peaceful stuff to metal). But I am having trouble, because I can't find many games that are simple and don't require too much attention to their sound (I hate changing the music when the game has a good OST or when the game requires sound for the gameplay, such as a stealth game).

The closest thing I found online for this use is Diablo 3 (but it's too epic and tragic of a game to change the music), Binding of Isaac (don't own it, but I could buy it if it can prove useful here), racing games (again don't have any, but it seems really reasonable), Minecraft (it's been a long while since I touched that game - probably haven't played it since junior high school and it's been updated a trillion times since then) and Doom, supposing I can find the ideal wad.


Do you have any ideas?

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I wouldn't recommend playing The Binding of Isaac without sound, since some a couple enemies give you sound cues before appearing on screen, and being a rogue-like, a mistake can be lethal.


Yes, racing games are a good option here, anything will do I think. Minecraft shouldn't give any problems either, and if you've played the classic Doom games the enough to memorize the enemy placements, the IWADs should be a cakewalk.


The only other game I can think of is Terraria. More often than not having no sound won't be an issue, although the OST is pretty good. Still, it's a good option.

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4 hours ago, KVELLER said:

since some a couple enemies give you sound cues before appearing on screen, and being a rogue-like, a mistake can be lethal.


Well, I didn't know that.  :)


I think I will settle down with racing, classic Doom and maybe Minecraft on creative then. About Terraria, I wanted to give it a try anyways, so I might as well.

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Mario Kart and Smash Bros - two games I played a lot in my high school days while blasting music throughout the house.

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Play crypt of the necrodancer using your favorite songs. It has a character called bard that lets you play without even keeping up with the beat.

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