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Reverberation Station

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Yet another techbase level, or is it? hell is closing in. shoot stuff and get out.







brutal feedback is welcomed


edit: pertinent details:

Port: Boom compatible

Game: DOOM2, Map01
Coop: Starts only
All Difficulty Settings


Edited by beast : mention boom port

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What port is it for? Trying on vanilla Doom, the pillar near the green switch fails. I think there are monsters stuck and the sectors can't move to reveal them! Also there's some tutti-frutti at the start.







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Something about this felt less refined than your other one - Delta, I believe. I don't know - the hellish parts felt less expertly interwoven and more haphazardly inserted. The fights seemed like less thought went into them, although I did like the area with mancubi. I also liked the blakwall as tinted windows (not sure if I've seen that before), but then from the other side it was just nothing. 


One specific thing is that one of the secrets gave you the chaingun and super shotgun, but it was behind a key door, and both those weapons were available before going into there.


Overall not bad; it just seems to me to be a little bit of a regression, unfortunately.

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@HAK3180 that is how feel about it too. I tried a different process (creating a bunch of separate areas and link them together) instead of my usual way. Thanks for that.


I also need to pay more attention to vanilla compatibility as @printz pointed out.

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Below is a video of me playing blindly on UV.


Some feedback:

- I liked the visuals of the area before the red key, maybe except the pitch black windows (as opposite to HAK3180). I were more than sure that the Cyberdemon I heard will spawn in the middle of the area

- The exit door texture is used incorrectly

- The idea to fight cyberdemon with that moving pillars is neat, however I decided to escape cowardly :)


And... The auto weapon switch nearly costed me life, when the swarm of chaingunners appeared :)


Here's the video:



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Interesting map, although some monster placement is too naive. Fighting 20 demons in a rectangular room isn't that different from fighting 5 demons: the player still basically has to keep circling around them and shooting. Don't rush to overwhelm the player with large numbers of enemies, instead try to place them more intelligently. The first imp fight (where they can teleport) and the cyberdemon showdown were much better in this aspect.


Here is a demo I recorded:



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