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Portals and 3D sectors


Posted (edited)

Okay so I know how the portal mechanic works however I am not sure how to make it work with 3D sectors. Any idea?



(PS: By portals I mean ACTUAL Portals that you can see through and (if set) can walk through and teleport seamlessly to the other side. Not the default DooM-style teleportation.)


Here is a screenshot to help visualise my problem:



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It sounds to me as though you've not tried..?


Working under the assumption you know how to make 3D floors, and also that you know how to make portals, you just place a 3D floor in the same sector as the portal.

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As far as line portals go, the sectors each line portal is in have to have the same floor and ceiling height. It ignores the 3D sector. 

I'd be really happy to be wrong but that's been my experience with them so far. 



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