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Interactive portals for the same sector


Hello everyone, i'm making my first DM map for Doom and i wanted to start off with something special, the map uses Portals to teleport the player but the gimmick is that it teleports the player from the floor of the same sector to the ceiling of the same sector, kinda hard to explain but nothing that a screencap can't solve.


I've tried some methods of portal interactive things but nothing seems to work, is there a way to make this possible?


The middle part is the portal one.




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An idea to do this with silent teleportation instead of portals: Put Teleport_NoStop action onto a SecActHitFloor thing placed inside the sector and a map spot at the sector's ceiling, so that when the player hits the sector's floor, he will teleport to the map spot at the ceiling. If hitting the floor stops the player's vertical momentum, you can use ACS instead to detect when he should be teleported or to increase his vertical momentum after teleportation.

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