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There's my physical collection. I have a lot more digitally, including the entire physical collection ripped, but that doesn't really count as much. I've slowed down a lot on collecting CDs these days, and probably a good thing because I'm slowly running out of space on my CD tower.

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If digital collections qualify, then I've got a music folder on my computer with 420 songs in it.

As for a physical collection: my physical collection of movies/video games exceeds that of the music collection infinitely.

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Posted (edited)

I still have a physical collection of all my CD's that I have collected over the years. I like typing up lists so I'll just post it here.




-Aphex Twin-

Selected Ambient Works 85–92
Selected Ambient Works Volume II
...I Care Because You Do



Aspera Hiems Symfonia
La Masquerade Infernale
The Sham Mirrors
Sideshow Symphonies


-The Cure-

The Head on The Door
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Blood Flowers

-The Electric Hellfire Club-

Burn, Baby, Burn!
Satan's Little Helpers
Kiss The Goat



Terra Incognita
The Link
From Mars to Sirius
The Way of All Flesh


-Joy Division-

Unknown Pleasures



The Land of Rape and Honey
The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Tate
Psalm 69
Filth pig
Dark Side of the Spoon
Greatest Fits


-Skinny Puppy-

Bites and Remission
Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
Cleanse Fold and Manipulate
Too Dark Park
Last Rights
The Process
The Greater Wrong of the Right
Brap: Back & Forth Series 3 & 4
Remix dystemper
The Singles Collect



The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Crow: Original Motion Picture Score

The Crow: City of Angels - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Crow: City Of Angels - Original Score Album

Music from and Inspired by Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Original Motion Picture Score

Music from and Inspired by Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2: Original Motion Picture Score

Music from and Inspired by Spider-Man 3 

Spawn: The Album 

Lost Highway

Mortal Kombat: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack





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Posted (edited)

Wouldn't take a picture of it so I'll just write what I have in my collection instead. All of them are CDs unless noted otherwise:


Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon.

Aura Noir - Dreams Like Deserts, Hades Rise.

God Dethroned - Ravenous.

Immolation - Failures for Gods.

Deicide - Legion.

Impaled Nazarene - Ugra-Karma.

Dark Funeral - Vobiscum Satanas (this one is a black vinyl CD. I mean this).

Bathory - Blood, Fire, Death.

Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus, Heaven Shall Burn.

Mayhem - Deathcrush, DMDS.

Enthroned - Blackend Years.

Hypocrisy - Osculum Obscenum/Penetralia.

Diabolicum - Ia Pazuzu.

Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells.

Baphomet - The Dead Shall Inherit.

Immortal - Pure Holocaust.

Burzum - Burzum/Aske.

Abazagorath - The Satanic Verses.

Dodsfall - Kronet I Svart Eld.

Grieving Mirth - Calamitosvs Omine.

Inquisition - Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult.

Sodom - In the Sign of Evil/Obsessed by Cruelty.

Possessed - Seven Churches.

Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast MMV, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, For all tid.

Witchcraft - Hegyek felettem.

Frost - ...from the Dark.

Bifrost - Mana Ewah.

Maniac Butcher - Lucan Antikrist.

Sabbat - Envenom, Evoke.

Pest - Hail the Black Metal Wolves of Belial.

Satanic Warmaster - Fimbulwinter.

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales.

Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath.

Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky.

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List (only CDs)


Ayreon - 01011001

Ayreon - The Source


DragonForce - Valley of the Damned

DragonForce - Sonic Firestorm

DragonForce - Inhuman Rampage

DragonForce - Ultra Beatdown

DragonForce - Twilight Dementia

DragonForce - The Power Within

DragonForce - Maximum Overload

DragonForce - Reaching into Infinity


Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Nightwish - Decades


Sabaton - Metalizer

Sabaton - Primo Victoria

Sabaton - Attero Dominatus

Sabaton - The Art of War

Sabaton - Coat of Arms

Sabaton - World War Live

Sabaton - Carolus Rex

Sabaton - Heroes

Sabaton - The Last Stand


Stratovarius - Elysium

Stratovarius - Nemesis


Twilight Force - Tales of Ancient Prophecies

Twilight Force - Heroes of Mighty Magic


It's not a particularly expansive list, but there's also a lot of stuff I like that I either don't have or it's in my mum's collection instead. It would take her all day to make a list like this, heh.

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a lot of my fave CDs have gone missing over the years

I bought SFA "Out Spaced" probably four times


lots of Bjork, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Napalm Death, Kraftwerk, Manic Street Preachers (everything Lifeblood and before), Super Furry Animals, Fela Kuti, Magma, Parliament and Meshuggah

can't remember all the titles


my fave thing I have on CD is This Heat "Deceit"

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Posted (edited)

I have a more Maiden focused collection and I would like to grab a few more from certain bands, so that it feels more complete:


Iron Maiden


Number of the Beast

Piece of Mind


Somewhere in time

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

No prayer for the dying

Fear of the Dark

Final Frontier

Book of Souls

(want to grab Brave New World and Dance of Death)


Judas Priest



(it would be good having Defenders, Screaming for Vengeance, Stained Class, e.t.c.)



Ride the Lightning

Master of Puppets

Black album




Countdown to Extinction (my first CD)

Cryptic Writings

(still don't have Rust in Peace)


Random artists

Dio - Holy Diver

Rainbow - Rising

Ozzy - Blizzard of Ozz

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Sisters of Mercy - Floodlands


Finally, the one of a kind CD I have, is one made by a friend for a birthday present, that was named Metal for kids and had soft covers of metal songs, with ukulele and stuff. I laughed my ass off, when I saw what he had put on the cover:





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I wish I still had my collection of vinyl records (they belonged to my grandfather before he passed last year.)

I lost my home and couldn't take them with me.

It just struck me that an image of them (even worn out) would've been awesome to have here.


No, I'm not tearing up. Someone left a bowl of onions here.

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I had 200-300 CDs years and years ago, somewhere in that range iirc. It was mostly a lot of hip-hop and heavy metal.


If I were start over, it would probably be a lot of folk and electronic now with some alt metal and industrial sprinkled in for good measure.

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Way too many CDs to think about, so I took a photo of my vinyl collection. Various electronic and industrial things.



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Damn is this the "IO" Double Vinyl by Project Pitchfork @Khorus? It's rather hard and pricey to get a copy nowadays, i'm considerable jealous right now :p

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