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[DOOM II] Hellish Breakfast

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indeed a very good map, but you should really include a screenshot or two in your post!! you get a pass on info since it's in the idgames link (but you should still tell people it's there)


while being quite a fun map (maxed it in about ~14 minutes, there are some problems i wanna address first:

  • (bug) a zombieman is stuck in one of the yellow key doors
  • (stylistic) with the progress and general gameplay of the map, i thought the room right after you get the ssg was bizarre and awkward, maybe add a rev or two just outside the door so you have something to effectively use your new ssg on? that or put the ssg in the awkward room
  • (stylistic) the spawn was a little weird because of the teleporter being embedded in the ground, making walking around to get your bearings strange and disorienting
  • (very very nitpicky) the window that opens in the area with the red key should have impassible lines, since you can walk up and climb up it from the inside, which is awkward if you're trying to shoot out of it
  • the map overall felt just a little cramped, it was weird. like not noobishly cramped, but still a little cramped
  • (major) way way way way way WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much shotgun ammo! honestly almost ruins the map. i used the shotguns very heavily, and still finished with 100 shells + ~40 shells left around the map with 15 rockets and ~100 bullets. the rest of the ammo is balanced somewhat decently, but this is a pretty serious problem.

spoiler problems, in case someone who hasn't played the map yet reads this:

  • that cyberdemon was quite strange and cheap. i managed to deal with him no problem, but it was really pointless and unfair. cramped areas, felt really forced (i know because i've done something similar before, but more as a joke than anything).
  • on top of that, the cyberdemon doesn't even wake up if you do the shoot-switch first. was that intentional?


otherwise the map was really good!! i liked the visuals, the secrets, the difficulty (mostly), the gameplay, etc. i'll probably try recording some demos for this because i like it so much friend

i can't really gauge how much experience you have, but just in case you dont know: you can update the map and resubmit it to idgames under the same name, and they'll replace the old version for you, so don't think you can't update this friend!!!

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Bonnie made some great comments and insights in the map, all I can add is that you did a great job and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting this!

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I really liked the sinister mood in this map. The music and the relatively low monster count were very fitting. Some monster placement seemed boring (e.g. four revenants by the yellow key or the final cyberdemon) and I agree there are too many shell boxes (I had to actually avoid them for a while), but overall it was a pleasant experience. Here is a demo I recorded:


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Just played on UV with GZDoom 2.4.0.


Firstly, screenshots (spoilered because of size)



I almost didn't make it out of this room because I didn't realize that lion switch down there was a gunfire switch, I only figured that out when an errant cacodemon ball struck it.



Another gunfire switch. It's a minor pet peeve of mine that I can't just switch them if I can reach them, but this one was easily forgivable.



Shortly before I got some more shotgun shells, which, as detailed by the others, are extremely plentiful.

Overall, was a good map. The aesthetic worked, the monsters were generally well used, and it was reasonably difficult for a first run.

However, some areas seemed to work against the monsters placed within, like the yellow skull area with its revenants.

Maneuvering though these areas was somewhat awkward, but didn't break the flow very much, so kudos for that.

The cyberdemon at the end was a problem. I had to use one of the side halls to get where he couldn't hit back and plink away from there.

That said, I'd give this map an 80/100, so a B.

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Pretty good stuff. I have very little to say that others haven't. I do want to echo the idea about gunfire switches though. I prefer them either to be secret and not a switch texture or be out of reach. You had two of them that were exactly where a normal "use" switch would be. 


I have no disagreement with what others have said except that I didn't notice a shell excess. That's not to say it wasn't there, but it didn't jump out at me. But I also did not find a plasma gun. 

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There's a lot to like in this map, and I had a great time playing it.  A few highlights:


1.  The berserk pack trap at the start is fiendish, but a great bit of design.  The map is filled with traps like that, and letting the player know that in a low stakes way where they can restart immediately if they get caught is a great way to telegraph it.


2.  The aesthetic design works very well overall.  The place felt very menacing throughout, which dovetails well with the nature of the trap heavy gameplay.


3.  I loved the lost souls coming out of the fiery walls.  A great trap and a visual delight.


4.  In contrast to some of the other posters, I really liked the cyberdemon trap at the end.  The use of a gunfire switch here is inspired and I like the way it turns the end of the map into a mad dash for the exit.


There were a couple things I think could be improved upon.  The archvile trap feels a little soft to me; there's not much reward for going up that elevator as (at least in my case) the player's instinct is to immediately use the rockets to deal with the archvile, leaving you with an empty rocket launcher for your trouble.  I might replace the box of bullets with a box of rockets so there's a little more reward and the encounter feels like it has higher stakes.


The yellow key room also fell flat for me.  The revenants at the far end are just too much firepower to try to dash towards, and even if you get up to the bars the SSG is hard to bring to bear effectively.  I think if you want to draw the player into that room to trigger the trap, consider replacing the revenants with maybe 2-3x as many imps.  I think the player would be more tempted to dash in for the key and dash out if just facing imps, and thus get caught in the trap.  This would also help preserve the momentum of the gameplay.


Overall this was a really strong showing.  Looking forward to playing your next.

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