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How was Infinity War? [SPOILERS]

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Posted (edited)

The title says it all.



Me, personally, I was STUNNED after leaving the theater. The idea of the events of the past 10 or so Marvel movies leading to this was TOTALLY great. I was smiling throughout the movie as those epic scenes went on. Kudos to Marvel for that awesome, yet sad ending. That ending has since then made me to anticipatingly wait for a new Avengers movie to come out.


What about you guys? What's your opinion as to what would happen in the next one??


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I think it would probably just be more valuable to mark the thread title with SPOILERS and open up the discussion accordingly; I think there's only so much good discussion you can have about the film without being able to talk about any spoilers

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I enjoyed the film, it certainly was different and more dark compared to the other Marvel movies.

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Sat through all of the credits just for a lame after-credits scene.



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in the cinema it was four stars (that's the max)

frankly when i was in teh cinema i really enjoyed it

but the more i thought about the movie the past few days the more i picked its actual substance apart


the ending wiped out a lot of the cool, progressive, flawed heroes and left us with an assemblage of dads

they can only save the next film by letting rocket and okoye get married


it was a film where every character had superpowers and all the fighting was too cool, flashy and detached to have any real tension

but they kept reminding us THE UNIVERSE was at stake

it was like wwe stuff where the crowd is bored stiff but the commentators are going "this is Cena's toughest test in entertainmunt history"

also thanos's philosophy is unspeakably evil and deranged but he showed the most emotion of anyone in the film

the fact that thanos's fighting was more visceral than that of the good guys also made him appealing

yer political broadcast on behalf of the malthusian party


on teh plus side all the planet sets were fantastic and the film had okoye and rocket in it

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Posted (edited)

Now we can actually discuss it? Wow, here we go.

Quick warning, almost all this post is behind a spoiler anyway.


Thanos was awesome. Period. He was a three-dimensional tragic villain hell-bent on fixing everything his way. His love for Gamora (did I misspell that?) really made his acquisition of the Soul Stone a gut punch, and at the end, his little vision asking him what it cost said it all. "Everything."


Seeing the Hulk freaked out by Thanos was pretty cool.


Not a big fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy, really, but they played a strong role.


Was dismayed at Doctor Strange's refusal to use the Time Stone in combat, but I'm not sure if that was his plan or not.


Seeing the return of Red Skull was awesome.


The Wakanda battle was ridiculous on so many levels, but I'll condense it to the direct Avengers vs Thanos fight.

Thanos had obtained the Time Stone, and if he hadn't, they should've assumed he had, just in case. So, as a result, even with the Mind Stone (and Vision) destroyed, he could easily rewrite time just to get it, which he did. Once Thanos had the Mind Stone, Thor was their only chance, and even he missed his singular shot at it, probably by mistake.


Speaking of Thor: one of the best roles in the movie in my opinion. A king in exile driven to find the ancients who constructed Asgard's Story Breaker weapons to make another strong enough to kill Omnipotent!Thanos? Nice! Holding open the aperture of a star-forge (literally) to make sure this weapon can be forged? Sweet. His entrance in the Wakanda battle? Nothing short of a Crowning Moment of Awesome.


His weapon's title, Stormbreaker, was a little over the top, however.


The battle on Titan where Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, and the Guardians took on Thanos was cool. Quill losing his shit, while understandable, was what cost the victory (possibly?), though.


Seeing Doctor Strange match Thanos was sweet, I really like Doctor Strange.


Finally, something else I noticed: Thanos isn't actually omnipotent; he has to focus that power he has, which means he can be killed (Thor proved that indirectly) and he can't do anything about it.


Forgot the post-credits scene: unless I'm mistaken, Captain Marvel is supposed to be in the sequel, but I'm not really sure how she's going to be awesome enough to stop Thanos. I figure only Thor can do that, and Thanos is probably paranoid as all hell about him.

Overall, my favorite parts were those with Thanos, Doctor Strange, and Thor, and that was about it.

So, I'm torn on my opinion of the movie. Yeah, it was good, but no, I didn't exactly like it.

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I really liked the movie and Thanos as the main enemy, although my definition for a "villain" is different from how he was portrayed in the film and in consequence he doesn't fall under this category for me. The Guardians were pretty awesome, some scenes are just gold for me, although their presence didn't really affect the course of the action (but then nothing did, after all Thanos still got the stones and achieved his goal).


My only problem is that Infinity War isn't able to stand on his own as a movie, after I left the cinema I was thinking "so all this fighting with a very predictable outcome and for what? All that happened was witnessing everyone failing in their cause" so it wasn't a very satisfying experience due to the lack of a real conclusion and the predictability of the events. Either way, can't wait to see what happens in part 2.

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Spoiler alert: Doomguy wasn't strong enough to kill Thanos.


Jokes aside, Infinity War was fantastic and terrible at the same time for me. I had to watch Thor: Ragnarok to understand the beginning of IW.


I absolutely loved the interactions Stark had with Strange and Quill ("Yeah, that's Earth, dipshit") and I really hope we see Stark and Rocket meet in part 2. It would be such a beautiful clashing of egos.


As for the ending... well, I was just shocked. I didn't expect it to happen. I figured Thor would say he got his revenge and then Thanos would be dead, but nope! And now I'm stuck trying to emotionally recover!


I'm absolutely dying for part 2 to come out. I don't doubt we'll be seeing everyone come back. All they need to do is get the gauntlet back from Thanos and use the Time Stone to reverse time and get Thor to aim for the head this time. I'm looking forward to seeing Ant Man, Wasp, and Captain Marvel in part 2. Until then, we have Deadpool to look forward to.

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