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Checking and setting integers for specific players?


Hi guys, basically what I would like to achieve is to keep track of, and later check, integers based on the player who activated the script. 

So the script's actions to set the integers would read as follows ;



If player one is the activator, then int X = Y

If player two is activator, then int A = B


And then to check the integer;



If player one is the activator, and if X = Y, then do something

if player two is the activator, and if A = B, then do something

else print error message


To be clear, the "do something" is the same thing either way, but I only want a player who has set one of integers to be able to check it and thus trigger the event.

I feel like perhaps I'm overthinking it and that's it's a simple solution, or that it's too complicated and I'm not thinking hard enough, haha. Maybe a give inventory/check inventory function would be an elegant solution, but that would require creating a dummy inventory item, and I'd rather not, but of course if that's a viable option, then I'll look into it. 

Either way, any help or alternative suggestions would be much appreciated. 

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You can use an array and the PlayerNumber function to set/check if a specific player triggered the scripts. Like this:

#include "zcommon.acs"

int triggered[16];

script 1 (void)
    if(triggered[PlayerNumber()] == 0) {
        Print(s:"You can now use the right switch!");
        triggered[PlayerNumber()] = 1;

script 2 (void)
    int pn = PlayerNumber();

    if(triggered[pn] == 1) {
        Print(s:"Do something here!");
        triggered[pn] = 2;
    } else if(triggered[pn] == 2)
        Print(s:"You already used the right switch!");
        Print(s:"You need to use the left switch first!");

I didn't test it in multiplayer, but it should still work. Example attached.


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Posted (edited)

Awesome thank for the reply. 

Ill give that a go asap and let you know how it goes 🙂


Yeah that works, thank you.

One thing though, would a switch statement work for instances where there are only two players?

Edited by Legion6k : Update

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