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Sid Vacant

H.P. Lovecraft themed wads

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I've played me a lot of doom and read me a lot of lovecraft, but I dunno what people are talking about when applying "lovecraftian" to a visual medium like a map or a game. Most of his stories take place in villages, farm houses, forests. There's two of his stories that take place in ancient underground structures, but crucial to these stories is the absolute absence of light, and navigation by the sense of touch.

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There are a few that manage to be rather Lovecraftian. The Blood TC (as I remember) is somewhat Lovecraftian.

As mentioned before, Maskim Xul is basically Lovecraft (Lite) IN DOOM.

Happy Time Circus I and II are more Steven King, but maintain a similar eldritch nature about themselves all the same.

Happy Time Circus I here:


And Happy Time Circus II here:


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i really think some of @Ribbiks stuff is Lovecraftian in its 'unknown horror' themes. im sure he can recommend some stuff of his more precisely but Sunlust's later maps are very good for that feeling.

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15 hours ago, Catpho said:

Maksim Xul




But yeah, I did my best to invoke that sort of theme in the maps. Could've used a few more eldritch abominations in retrospect. :P

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