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DOOM MAP WAD's : My maps 1

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First things first: no images, no intended port, no map name, so I'll fill those in.


I used GZDoom 2.4.0. This map requires Ultimate Doom. It is in map slot E1M1.


Now, images.







The whole map, pretty much.

There isn't much to be said for it. It looks very clearly like a first map. Gameplay is easy, simple key hunt, bland aesthetic.

Now a couple nitpicky things: Way too much ammo and a cell pack for a plasma rifle/BFG that isn't present.


I don't know what else to say.

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Welcome to the forum and happy mapping to you.


What I liked:

- Assuming this is your first map, it was short. That's good for more pointed criticism and less time trying to save this later (or less of a personal blow to denounce it)

- Not one true rectangle

- Nothing broken (at least not on GZDoom with the settings I use)


What I did not like:

- Most of the rooms shapes seemed like a forced effort to avoid orthogonality

- Only about three textures whose subtle differences and random placement make it look like the other two were selected by mistake

- No secrets

- Thick doors that all closed 

- Zero floor height variation

- Zero floor texture variation

- Zero ceiling height variation

- Zero ceiling texture variation

- Zero lighting variation

- Very campable combat (but not incredibly boring due to high volume of hitscanners)


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Thanks guys for your feedback, I did't think I was going to get anyone who would play it.

This is a first (of a couple) maps and I will take your feedback and make a better one! :) (Hopefully)

also Myst.Haruko I will add that info in future.

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