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Querk Journey (MAP)

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Still no images, so I'll supply those again.




Those DOORSTOP textures aren't lower unpegged. That is, they're attached to the ceiling, so they move with it, which looks strange.



Far as natural areas go, this looks pretty good.



I like the optional blue key.



I found the plasma rifle here to be grossly unnecessary.


Not sure how to interpret the title of this wad. Quirk, quark, or querk as is written?

The threat level here is much greater than before, but it's still low. The teleport lines were nice and added a little depth to everything, though they made the map seem really broken up. That fake exit, though, I'm always on board with something like that.

Maybe a few more shotgunners and fewer zombiemen to increase the threat level some, and at the end I, personally, would like to face a baron or something when given a plasma rifle. The layout and structure have greatly improved, so good on you for that.

I enjoyed this one a lot more than the previous and you're clearly making headway in your mapping.


This next thing is a little more advanced, so it's spoilered for post brevity.


Minor thing for the false exit, and this is something I would do, but you don't have to, is mask it with a locked red key switch the runs a simple script that teleports you to the next area.

Such as:

script 1 (void)
 Teleport (tid, tag, nosourcefog);

Where TID is the target identification of the map spot or teleport destination, tag is the sector tag, and nosourcefog determines whether teleport fog appears at the source location (0 is yes, non-zero is no).


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Thanks, the name was a last minuite thing and when I put it in there was a spelling mistake! "Qwerk" but it was too late :( . also the plasma rifle was a half-hearted attempt to make a bit of variaty . I'll try a bit harder next time!

Thanks for playing!

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