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Random Video Thread

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Wasn't expecting to see this when I looked for Ninja Re Bang Bang, one of my childhood songs. Still, a nice refresher from the pseudo-Japanese "NYA, ICHI NI SAN! NYA, ARIGATOOOOO!" crap I've seen on YouTube with the same clip.

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Been watching a few of these lately. OMG. This video has some especially brutal crashes.*


Drove to the shops a little more carefully than normal yesterday.


* Edit: Actually, I was wrongly thinking this was the video that included "the one with the rocks". But the claim is still fairly true.

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Given the technical limitations, I found these to be very well done indeed. I am familiar with all these crashes (and have been to the sites of two of them, including the Tenerife memorial), and some of the key points are captured pretty well, such as the angles at which the Alaska flight flew and the phugoid cycle for the JAL flight.

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