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Guest Kevin

Favorite Source Port? (Multiple Choice Poll)

Favorite Source Port? (Multiple Choice)  

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  1. 1. Favorite source port?

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i want to know which is what is your go to source port to use to play doom and name the list of source port that you have so far and my list of source port is

chocolate doom

crispy doom


LZ doom

GZ doom

 Pr boom+

GL boom+


Is it okay you could give me a summary what s your go to source port and why do you pick that port specifically cause i like to hear everybody opinion

for me on the other hand if i want to have a smoother doom experience i will go with GZ and LZ doom and also Zandronum

If i want to have true vanilla gameplay experience i would go with Chocolate DOOM and Crispy doom

leave me your thought in the comment below cause i like to hear on your guys opinion

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No dots, no commas, reading your post is kinda pain.


I use vanilla on a 486 or pentium1 for true true vanilla experience. (with dosbox on modern pc to check out the mod)


I use crispy doom for big limit removing mods.


I stay away from mods that require source ports with custom stuff.

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I'll use Eternity engine when I'm playing an older mod or something like a vanilla mod. I'd just soon as not downloand another port if I have to.


Mostly though, I just use PrBoom+, though a Dwars video showed the forks (DSDA Doom and UMAPINFO) having some better visual features.


For those requiring advanced graphical rendering and such though, I'll use GZDoom though movement there is possibly too smooth (one of several reasons I think some people aren't fans of it). K8vavoom is similar, but it's had few mods made for it.

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well, heres my source ports and uses. this even has my deleted/uninstalled ones.

GZDOOM: used to use it as my primary way of playing, now used for mods.
Crispy Doom: it had a problem that it had no sound. I just uninstalled it.
Eternity Engine: I just have it cuz its neat.
PRBOOM+: my beloved source port. also the one that replaced GZDOOM. my most recommended source ort for being optimized and having that vanilla feel, while adding some little cool thing like mouselook and OpenGL.

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I exclusively use GZdoom now mostly because I use alot of mods. Even when I play vanilla, I use GZdoom. I tried using Zandromum and PRBOOM+ the other day and I just couldn't get into it. Movement just felt off. Just wish GZDoom ran slaughter a bit better. 

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Most of the time I use GZ/LZDoom, mostly because of the illegal drug level addictive/fun gameplay mods. If I want to play vanilla, I use Cripsy Doom, or PrBoom+ if it's a more advanced mapset and/or if I want to record a demo. Likewise for multiplayer, Zandro almost all the times 'cause cool gameplay mods, and Odamex for vanilla multiplayer if I'm in the mood for that. On the occasion I'm building a vanilla-compat map, I sometimes even use Chocolate to ensure it can run on genuine vanilla, and every other source port out there.

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Ports I have installed and use frequently:


- Vanilla Doom / DosBox

- DSDA-Doom

- GZDoom


For multiplayer I of course use ZDaemon, Odamex and Zandronum. I used to use Zand a lot for SP, but I recently discovered I like the feel of both DSDA-Doom and GZDoom better for SP.


I also have Chocolate Doom, PrBoom+, Crispy Doom, Legacy, Doom95Portable and a few other ports installed. I actually really like all of them, I just don't use them very much (a simple matter of redundancy)


Edit: Just out of curiosity I checked my DOOM dir, I also have the Classic Doom Unity port, Eternity Engine, Doom64EX, ZDoom and Risen3D installed. That's a lotta ports! I will be installing K8Vavoom very soon, too, mainly just because ketmar is a swell guy.

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I have a lot of ports installed, but here are the primary ones I use.

Crispy Doom - for old school wads which I play a lot. This includes newer wads that are Vanilla or limit-removing.

GZDoom - for more modern wads

K8Vavoom - I like to play various wads using this port because I think it’s really cool.

DSDA-Doom - just started to play around with this and like the feel of it.

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I use mainly GZDOOM for single-player WADs.


I use LZDOOM for its local splitscreen functionality - and to play co-op, and deathmatch w/ my brother.


I use mainly Zandronum to play multiplayer WADs.


I regularly use Zandronum and GZDOOM daily - I like them because they can both play nearly any WAD / mod you throw at them. Very few WADs won't work in GZDOOM / Zandro. The like cannot be said about PrBoom+, Chocolate, and stuff like DSDA-Doom - not that I have any major problem w/ these ports, I've used them, just not very much because of this reason.


But yeah, that's what I use. :)

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DSDA-Doom - daily use and do speedrun;

GZDoom - to play zdoom wads;

Eternity Engine - installed but not often used;

Crispy Doom - also installed but not often used.

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GZDoom - Primary Doom port

Eternity Engine - Accuracy and playing most WADs

Russian Doom - If I'm in a good mood


Though I may need to give Doom Retro a shot. It seems pretty neat

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12 minutes ago, Arrowhead said:

What's that? I've only just now heard of it.

It's a fork of Chocolate/Crispy with some of its own enhancements (one being a Russian translation). I don't know Russian but some of it's new features include an easy level select feature, a new skill level, and even "emulation" for Jaguar Doom and the press release demo. There's also binaries for Heretic and Hexen as well.

It's worth a look


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21 minutes ago, Wavy said:

It's a fork of Chocolate/Crispy with some of its own enhancements...

I don't usually use sourceports from the Chocolate family, but I might give this one a whirl. The level select option is especially intriguing.

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I like GZDoom for singleplayer and Zandronum for multiplayer. I also play the DOS sometimes

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Current Ports


Chocolate Doom, for xTWiD-style wads.


Cripsy Doom, for anything that'll run on it.


PrBoom+, for anything Boom/MBF-related.


ZDoom, for older Zee sets.


LZDoom, for more modern Zee sets.


Eternity Engine, for Heartland, and whatever other sets follow in its wake.



Ports of Future Interest


Doom Retro, I really hope to find a use-case for this one someday, since it makes everything look fantastic.


DSDA Doom, not sure how different this one is compared to the UMAPINFO branch for people who don't record demos, but it has a nice featureset.


GZDoom, atm, I can't run it in GL mode without stuttering, especially on more complex maps (i.e Ar Luminae), so I shan't be plumbing the depths of Geezy until I upgrade my hardware. But when I do, there are many very beautiful wads for me to enjoy (the works of Bridgeburner, Major Arlene, Remelia Scarlet and the Elementalism crew come to mind).


PrBoom+ um, UMAPINFO & DEHEXTRA sound like a godsend, as does complevel 21.


Woof!, I really like the MBF complevel, minus the bugs, so this combined with MBF21 & DEHEXTRA is of great interest to me

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Currently, I use chocolate doom, GZDoom, ZDoom, etc. What is the best or one of the best one's around.

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That all depends on what are you looking for in a source port and how you want to cater your Dooming experience. What do you want in a port: Vanilla accuracy? Good performance? Compatibility? Demo recording? Multiplayer support? I could go on, but I digress. 

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Good performance and Vanilla accuracy.

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