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What is your go-to doom wads?

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Hello there, i was just wondering what are peoples go-to doom wads, hoping that we all might find somethings that can be helpful for finding new go-to wads.


First of all, what the hell is a go-to wad? Well its not a real thing but im using it for "wads you always use when you going to play a map that has no customization" and what i mean by no customization is literally only the map files, no new textures no new sounds (of course there can be some few new textures and sounds but you get it right close to vanilla) for short the mods that are only for improving vanilla experience.


So as an example to help you for my recommended sharing format, this is my list.




  • GZDoom(latest,x64)


  • Smooth Doom (+Smooth Textures Addon): makes all sprite animations smoother
  • Droplets (V15) (Fixed Edition): Adds a little bit more blood without channgeing the atmosphere (it says "Fixed Edition" on my wad file however i dont know how to acsess fixed edition i belive its not on the offical zdoomforums page)
  • Widescreen Friendly Doom Status Bar: Makes the stone parts in the status bar into metal
  • The high resolution Doom sound effects pack: Makes the vannilia sounds hq without changeing them too much (rocket launcher is kind of weirdish but the rest is good)
  • Footsteps: Adds footstep sounds (im not sure this is where i download it or not)

Video: (sorry for low framerate belive me its smooth when you play)








  • ZDoom(latest,x64)



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