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My deathmatch maps.

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Posted (edited)

So, I've made 3 deathmatch maps for everyone to play! No custom textures, only custom music! The maps get bigger and bigger. MAP01 is really small, it's very hard to get the BFG unless no one has switched the crusher button. On map02 it's pretty easy to get the BFG, just wait for the lift to lower and jump into the portal! Then you will be teleported into the cage where you have to get the BFG fast as possible and jump into another portal to get out, because it's very easy to get killed in the cage. On Map03 it's easy to get the BFG, just find it! I Tested it on Skulltag and Zandronum, maps tested with bots. Use doom2.wad to play the wad. Have fun!








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Posted (edited)

Taking a look at the maps: 


It's customary to put weapons directly under spawns (as in the same spot). None of the maps do and suffer to various extents because of it. Some of the spawns are also oriented suboptimally -- facing a direction no one would actually want to move to. Like in 03, where some spawns have their backs to SSGs in the open clusters and some don't. Generally 'disorienting the player on spawn' is not how you add interest to a map. 


01: The lava tunnel with the BFG and PI seems bad regardless -- all of that stuff is either overpowered and campy (if the crusher switch isn't hit) or useless (if it is), so I'm not sure why it has to exist. People will try that stuff once and then just say 'this map sucks'. While looking around the map I tried to press the small satyr switch insets, which look like functional switches; doing that in-game would contribute to a poor first impression of the map. Lots of bumpy floor detail, but spawns are the biggest problem. SSG is in lava. 


02: Outdoor spawns are miles away from weapons, indoor area has a few thing decorations that are blocking even without infinite height. Probably the most functional map of the three, as in something resembling a normal game of human DM might be possible. 


03: Giant open arena with no cover, one BFG + lots of ammo for it. GG everyone else. DM is played on nightmare for double ammo, so a player who gets the BFG and those small cells gets 200 cells, not 100. Soulsphere is nearby too. Quite OP. Map has little in the way of functional features, with not much cover in relation to open space. Doesn't seem too suitable for much -- it's oversized for a duel map, but the BFG would make FFAs even sillier. That said, it looks good, and could be retrofitted as a small singleplayer sandbox map.


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