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An Appeal For Funeral Expenses

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Richie, who runs the Chex Quest Fan Forums, is in need of your help.


On April 22, while returning home, Richie's parents, Richard and Pam Brown, were killed when another vehicle collided with them.  The driver of the other vehicle fled the scene, and is still at large.




A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help pay the family's funeral costs.




Any donations you can give would really be helpful for the family in this dark time.



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I'll give this another bump before it sinks too low and gets forgotten.


I never knew anyone involved or the Chex Quest forum, but I'll give this a second chance at the top of the forum.


From the look of it, the hit and run driver is still out there somewhere and "it was a stolen vehicle." Since Richie's parents were in an Uber car at the time, I do wonder if Uber itself will donate something.


The GoFundMe is almost at half the funeral expense of $20,000 with less than 3 weeks left. I should point out it looks like the GoFundMe is real and linked on the news site. I've been to two funerals where strangers setup GoFundMes.

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I did not hear the news that is was a stolen vehicle.


I would have thought that since the passenger in the suspect's car was injusred, and probably questioned by the police, that they would have caught the guy by now.


I wonder how Richie is doing.  He has been almost entirely silent since the event.

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I suppose its an unofficial source about the stolen vehicle ""My focus is on the family and what can we do to help the family because, honestly, since from what I heard it was a stolen vehicle, even if we catch this guy, it's not really going to help them. What we need is people, like myself, to be supportive," best friend John Kunselman said."


Then again if you let's say drove drunk, hit someone else and fled... you may want to drive the vehicle into a river and report it stolen. Then again there have been cases where a mental patient escapes from a hospital after having stolen an employee's keys, and goes on a joy ride during the escape and runs people over. It happened a few years ago. Police will find something and I'll remember it to dig it up in a few months or a year.

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How completely sad. Sorry for your loss.

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