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Aquila Chrysaetos

Quick Little Map

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This map was originally intended as a structure reference, but circumstances have changed and so I am publicly releasing this.

The base idea was not mine, it was constructed to be similar to a map made by one spd7693 for his reference.

If you want to see the map on which this was based, you will have to see him, just be careful.


It probably won't be amazing, it was really just slapped together in about 90 minutes.


The required IWAD is Doom II, it has been tested in GLBoom+ and GZDoom 2.4.0.

Difficulty levels have been implemented, it shouldn't be much more difficult than an average Doom 2 map.

This map is in slot MAP01.


Also, screenshots, spoilered as always:



Dark in the basement.



Little library.



Kids, sit down at the dinner table!



What's this mysterious door in the backyard?


Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rhv6l63tgq19twr/AC-MAP01-At Home.wad

As always, have fun.

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Pretty basic. A few misalignments and sudden transitions. Combat is pretty simple. The ending is too tight to be a problem. It's easy enough to rooster block an archie in a 64-wide area. But it is pretty Doom 2-esque and I like how you did the overhead lights. 

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Thank you. Like I said, it was just thrown together really quickly for a new guy's use as reference, but he's shown some disdain for criticism, so I elected to release it as a proper map.

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