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DOOM: Siege on Hell (EARLY DEMO)

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Hey there! This is a WIP DOOM 2 episode titled Siege on Hell. This project was started ~2 years ago, although I haven't worked on it in a while. I wanted to know what people thought of it so far, so I decided to release an early demo of it! It contains the first two maps, Wretched Warehouse and Tormental Toxicity.






I tried hard to maintain DOOM 1/2's aesthetic and limitations while adding new textures and music (tell me if you recognize them!), as DOOM 2 did to DOOM 1. There is an additional gun named the Burstshot, a rapid-fire triple-shot explosive projectile launcher. Here is how it was created:




I recommend that SOH is played using DOOM 2 with GZDoom, although ZDoom, Brutal Doom, etc. will also work. Please give any and all feedback that you can! Oh, and watch out for secrets 😉.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/iml8efw7ng4zj4q/DOOM%2C The Siege on Hell (EARLY DEMO).zip?dl=0

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It looks a little more like a pre-alpha/alpha phase demo, because MAP03 isn't finished, which struck me as strange.


Also, screenshot.


Misaligned texture on MAP01.



Inescapable pit in MAP02. I used fly to get out and continue.


The maps are rather short and sweet, and it definitely has potential. The gameplay was easy overall, the hardest part I faced was at the end of MAP02 on that bridge thing with the knights and fatsos.


A lot of it seemed like a shotgun slog, because I never got anything beyond the single shotgun and chaingun. It worked fine before mid-tiers became semi-common and fights took longer to get through with very little threat to pose. The traps were easy enough to thwart, but that may have been your intent, and everything worked well. The maps were nice looking, not overly-detailed, which is good.


Toward the mid-section of MAP01 I noted that large crate maze. I love mazes, myself, but many people here don't, so I don't know where you'll go with that.


MAP02 was solid, if a little tedious at times, with me only having the single shotgun to fight knights and barons with.


If I might make a suggestion, if the SSG isn't in a secret (and it may be and I only missed it), place one on MAP02 shortly after the room with the columns before the red skull door, after the first knights, but before it gets grindy.


Also, I might suggest adding (or replacing a couple knights with) revenants in a couple places to up the ante somewhat.


All that said, it was a pleasurable romp and I would like to see where you go with it.

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Pretty fun map with nice detailing. Really like the custom gun sprite plus how it functions. Though it was weird having the shots not come from the gun properly but I'm sure thats an easy fix. Keep up the good work

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