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Angry Saint

Problem with textures in Vanilla

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I'm working on a level for vanilla doom using the cfmanson textures.


Testing it with Chocolate Doom I've noticed that the textures visualize a line of pixels not present in the original file.


What can I do about this?


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Posted (edited)

To me, it looks like a tutti-frutti effect from vertically tiling a texture that is less than 128 pixels high. I would suggest either breaking up the wall into multiple sectors to "patch" the two bands of that texture together or just find a 128 px high texture to use instead.


EDIT: I would be careful about using too many sectors if you are using the first method and want the level to run in Chocolate Doom.

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Ok, I checked better the textures I'm using and actually some are only 64 pixels high. Now I know what to do, thank you so much!

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