First, you must construct the rooms you want the door to connect. So it looks like this.   Now, in the small sector in between the two larger sectors, carve out a smaller sector, I use a 16x128 sector most often for doors. Like this.   Now select this small sector and set its ceiling height to zero. Here I also changed the ceiling flat texture.   Now, you will select the two 128 unit lindefs, give them a door texture and give them a door special. This door will now open and close on command.   However, when opening this door, the two walls on the sides will raise with it and look ridiculous, so let's fix that. Select the two 16 unit linedefs and set the flag "lower unpegged," this will anchor the textures to the floor and prevent them from moving with the door. Like this. Now your door will function as you want it to.   The door opens and the textures don't move, making this simple door look nice like in the IWAD's.
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