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Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

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For me it goes like this.

Doom 1

Nobody told me about id 

Deep into the code

And facing the spider

Doom 2

Shawns got the shotgun

The ultimate conquest



Map 30


No new tracks.

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Doom 1: Sinister as well (even if At Doom's Gate is iconic)

Doom 2: Message to the (fucking) Archvile

TNT: Legion of the Lost (in Pharaoh)

Plutonia: Nobody told me About ID (because it fits the track to the madness of the map)

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Doom: Nobody told me about id

Doom 2: Opening to hell

TNT: Blood jungle

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Doom 1: Hiding the Secrets (my favourite Doom track and like I said before, also my ringtone - very upbeat) and Sign of Evil (atmospheric as hell)

Doom 2: Into Sandy's city, The Demon's Dead and DOOM

Final Doom: Death's Bells (my second favourite Doom track - I sink in the level, whenever I hear this playing) and Legion of the Lost (third favourite - most calming and depressing Doom track I know of - by the way, it goes well with any Doom map)

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On 5/14/2018 at 6:24 PM, Ex Oblivione said:

D_Runnin is best.

Why im not surprised? :D


1. imp song

2. kitchen ace

3. shawn got the shotgun

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My favorite tracks are:


Doom II: Shawn's Got the Shotgun, The Healer Stalks, Running from Evil, Into Sandy's City, and Adrian's Asleep.

Ultimate Doom: The Imp's Song, Dark Halls, Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names), Suspense, Hiding the Secrets, The Demons from Adrian's Pen, Waltz of the Demons, Donna to the Rescue.

TNT Evilution: Death's Bells, Infinite, Into the Beast's Belly, AimShootKill.

PSX Doom: Main Theme, Level Complete Stats (also in D64 and PSX Final Doom), Retribution Dawns, The Broken Ones, Hell's Churn, Mind Massacre, Mutation, Beyond Fear, Creeping Brutality, Lamentation.

PSX Final Doom: Bells of Agony, Larva Circuits, Malignant, Darker than Blackness.

Doom 64: The Madness, Spaces Between, Dark Echo, Voices in the Blood, Blood Red Shadows, Collision Course, The Rotted Foul.


But out of all of them, I prefer the dark ambient of Aubrey Hodges.

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UD: Sign of Evil, Suspense, At Doom's Gate.

D2: Shawn's Got the Shotgun, Running From Evil (only redone versions, though), Opening to Hell.

As it happens, those are also pretty much the only ones I really like.

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14 hours ago, Marlamir said:

Why im not surprised? :D


1. imp song

2. kitchen ace 

3. shawn got the shotgun


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Doom - So many good ones. Top three four

Kitchen Ace E1M4

Demons on the Prey E1M7 et al.

I Sawed the Demons E2M1

Donna to the Rescue E3M2, E4M2


Doom 2

Running from Evil 1/15

Getting Too Tense 28

The Demon's Dead 10/16



Death's Bells 4/13/29

Blood Jungle 16/26

Into the Beast's Belly 8/27/30


One favorite from each of three very artificial categories: creepy, rockin,' and in between:

Demons on the Prey

Kitchen Ace

Getting Too Tense


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Ultimate Doom:

Untitled/Mouth For War

At Doom's Gate

Kitchen Ace And Taking Names

The Demons From Adrien's Pen


Doom II:

Running From Evil

Shawn's Got The Shotgun

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