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Red phobos path

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zatím se staví první level , videa s toho datadisku  už jsou

1 - level

4 - players

so far, the first level is built, videos with that datadisk are already


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A nice first try, but I think it is in need of a bit of work. Here are some suggestions:


1: At the beginning the wall textures look like Door textures from Quake 2. I'd suggest using something else.


2: Missing textures at the end - anyone can recognizes the checkerboard.


3: Two megaspheres at the beginning (22 seconds in video) is unnecessary. And so is the Spider Mastermind. Does it block or guard anything? If not, it's unnecessary.


4: I see error message on your screen. Can't read them - but probably relating to textures at #2.


5: 1:02 in video - I think the level would look more natural if there was a door there. Most places don't have cold environments leading to bases without a door.

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