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Drifting DoomGuy

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Hey everyone,

I've got a controls question dealing with Zandronum. Doomguy seems to drift after I let go of a directional button, making tight movement very difficult and making levels like the Chasm and similar ones *really* difficult to complete. Is there a way to adjust the controls so that doomguy will stop on a dime?


Thanks for any help!


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Alternatively, you can just walk - it takes less time to decelerate if you're moving slower, after all. If that's still too loose for you, using a joystick or a gamepad with analog directional input will allow for even slower movement, or if you want to stick to a keyboard, crouching while walking is the slowest you can go with digital input.

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Most people just tap the opposite direction they were moving in to stop suddenly.

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Doom's movement is slippery, that's part of the design of the game. No control change will stop that. Being able to stop yourself from falling off tight ledges at speed is part of the challenge of getting good at the game.


Or just turn off run (Capslock by default IIRC), that helps too!

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