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MTF Sergeant

RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer

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Arguably, this is REALLY good!! Combine RAGE, MAD MAX, Far Cry, DOOM and Borderlands, you're gonna get this!

I'm sold already.

Edited by TFK

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Destiny(FOV, Abilities) + Mad Max. IMHO.


90% it must be Avalanche game - their game engine, "Mad Max in sandbox" theme e t.c. Thanks to Bethesda, but it's looks like competely different game with good post apocalyptic open world.

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I don't know man... this looks like the open world of Far Cry 5 with the game mechanics of Wolfenstein 2 and the theme, story, and stuff of RAGE. It's just not doing it for me. I much prefer RAGE 1 just from what I'm seeing here.

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