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Any (Mega)wads that contains weird Secret maps?

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Doom II is the first one that comes to mind because its secret levels are such a contrast from the base game that it gives you whiplash.

Strange Aeons, a mod I've been playing lately, is made of weird.

Mandrill Ass Project was one of the weirdest wads I've ever played.

Void is a little weird.

Rainbow Void is weirder.

As for secret levels, the only other wad I can think of is Doom 2 Reloaded, with its super secret level, but it's not too weird, it's just an interesting premise.

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What is your definition of "weird"? Can a video game reference suffice? Or a twist on gameplay concepts?


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some really weird map 32s that come to mind: d2reload, avj, batman doom

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6 minutes ago, Cacodemon345 said:
8 minutes ago, Catpho said:

Or a twist on gameplay concepts?

That is the thing that I asked.

In that case, Void and Rainbow Void still come to mind. There's also the jumpmaze series for Zandronum/Skulltag. Turbo Charged Arcade (Both 1 and 2) had some levels like this. D2Reload MAP32 qualifies, as do a couple other maps.

Hard pressed to think of more. The City of the Damned: Apocalypse by Tormentor667 is one.

Massmouth 2 is sort of this way.

The Talosian Incident (currently being reviewed by the DWMC) is less gameplay and more atmosphere.

Zen Dynamics and Cold as Hell also come to mind. They're still really heavy on combat, but they're also about solving mysteries (Zen less so, but still somewhat).

I want to suggest DTS-T because it has a couple of these types of maps, and it's a really good mod, but I'm not completely sure.

Vela Pax by Mechadon?

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Definitely Batman Doom MAP32


And then there's D2TWID MAP31/32 ("What if Doom II contained secret levels which were a nod to Commander Keen instead of Wolfenstein?"):



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STRAIN map28 is not a secret map, and the gameplay's not all that weird (though certainly rough, from a pistol start), but it's certainly an unusual environment, to say the least.

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