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The Latest Version of The People's DooM is ...

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I am starting this thread to keep you guys informed of the current version of The People's DooM (TPD).


The web site has not been updated in years, and still only links to the original placekeeper wad I made back in 2003.  There have been seven updates to TPD since October, and none of them are linked yet. (Hopefully, I can fix this soon.)


So to keep you abreast, every time a new version of TPD comes out, I will simply add another post to this thread to bump it, and give a link to the new version, followed by a brief description  of changes made.


So here we go.


The Latest version of The People's DooM is ...




Covering the changes that have happened since the project was revived:


Several new textures have been added, cutting the number of grey stucco placekeepers by almost half.  Frozen lake provided a large number of them with a crisp graphic style.  I also added a number of my own, some of which were made for other projects, and tend to be very close in appearance to the DooM textures they replace. Some temps were added based on public domain sources.


Deathegg created a great looking new statusbar.


Several sounds were replaced, reducing the number using the fart placekeeper sounds signifigantly.


90 out of 111 flats have been replaced.  Many are temps based on public domain sources, many are new.


I made changes to the placekeeper sprites. The pink mannequins were mostly replaced with coloured versions to make it easier to tell diffent enemies apart, but still remain mannequins.  A couple of weapons are replaced with sprites by Eriance. Several temps based on public domain sources are in the game.  The cacodemon now uses monster sprites taken from opengameart.org.  The same monster sprite are used in Blasphemer.


The crappy Slige generated levels in episodes 1 and 2 have been replaced with slightly less crappy Oblige levels.


DooMkid was kind enough to donate his deathmatch level to TPD.  After some consultation with with various folks on the discord server, the 9 top rated levelshave been assembled into episode 4 of TPD, Warworld, the episode reserved for deathmatch only.  At present there are a lot of  missing textures, but we will retexture the levels as soon as we can.

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The latest version of TPD is ...




A few new textures added, A little retexturing on a few of the deathmatch levels, and NEW MUSIC FROM MONKEY AND ORKINMAN!


{EDIT: Oh yeah.  I found one of the DM levels was accidentally put in twice.  I went back and replaced the spare with the level that was supposed to be there.}

Edited by Boingo : Addendum

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TPD is not a true IWAD yet, which is the source of your troubles. A lot of stuff is missing, and randomly generated levels  from Oblige are likely to cause trouble with different ports too, until such time as they are replaced with some real levels.  As you have noted, it is still tagged as a PWAD. I also don't expect cross port compatability for a while.  It is one of the goals however.


At the moment, I can run TPD as an IWAD in GZDooM with the -iwad command or through the ZDL launcher. I have also set up a server several times for Zandronum via DooMseeker with TPD as the IWAD.  Mastrius has also set up a Zandronum server several times with TPD as a PWAD running under FreeDooM.


Try TPD using these for the moment. (NOTE: Recent versions of GZDooM foul up the vertical sprite offsets when using TPD as an IWAD.  It's GZDooM's fault, not TPD's!) Provide feedback if you can.  TPD remains primative, and work will be slow and intermitant.  Suggestions, bugs, and even complaints are needed to help it develop.





Yes.  This is the same file I uploaded to doomlegends a week ago.  I simply forgot to update the thread here until yesterday.

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On 9/5/2018 at 3:45 AM, Boingo said:

CWolf has been very busy over the last month


ahem... last few months. Ye I bring new goodies into graphics and can be happy about that. :)

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I'm lost in the woods. I DL'd TPD but have no idea how to get it into GZDoom. Everything I find on the internet is gibberish to this noobe. I assume I need to copy the wad to a certain directory. Is this correct or no?




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I'm curious, what are the license terms for the content in TPD, and how do this project's goals differ from Freedoom's?

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On 9/11/2018 at 9:07 PM, Krude said:

I DL'd TPD but have no idea how to get it into GZDoom.

Because that's not IWAD... well, not yet at least.

So you would need DOOM.WAD (yes, OG Doom, not Doom2) for it running correctly. and be sure you just throwing TPD .WAD-file at your GZD launch file (whatever it .exe-file or not).

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22 hours ago, Blastfrog said:

I'm curious, what are the license terms for the content in TPD, and how do this project's goals differ from Freedoom's?


I'd assume they are "don't rip it 'till it's done". Well since its graphics totally on me and I will totally against any use of my sprites, textures, etc. for this project until RC1.


Other things... well ask Boingo about anything but I told my word. I'll not tolerate any use of TPD graphics until this will be released.

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On 9/23/2018 at 7:37 PM, Voltcom9 said:

Could you post some screens of progress? It'd be interesting to see what exactly has been done.

The current build from 27 August is not much different from the stuff seen here and here.


That pink/black fleshy floor texture makes me think of Marathon 2 somehow.

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The Latest version of TPD is:




New statusbar face added.  Archie.gif


New Trooper and Sergeant sprites added.  Shotgunguy-walking.gif  Walking_Trooper.gif


The face and sprites were rendered using DAZ Studio, and will need some cleanup and repainting in the near future.  The face itself will need a lot of editingin the lower health stages.







A new and perplexing problem has appeared.


The newest version of GZDooM, version 3.7.2, crashes whenever it tries to run episode 1.  I can not see why this is happening, since there is no such problem with earlier versions of GZDooM. I even replaced all the levels in episode 1 with another set of levels that worked fine when loaded as a pwad, but GZDooM 3.7.2 still crashes.  This is in addition to the extant problem of newer versions of GZDooM fouling up the Y offsets of the sprites.


If anyone can figure out what the problem is, please let me know.

Edited by Boingo

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The new sprites look really good. This is an interesting alternative to the Freedoom project, based on some of CWolf's sprite plans for this I'm keen to see what the future has in store for this. 

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@Boingo Have you fixed your problem? If not does it say anything about fatal errors that have happened? That could be a clue I guess.

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Maybe there is something screwy with th e copy of GZDooM I have.  75 couldn't replicate the problem either.


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