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MooD — a Doom "meta-mod" (pacifist; tourist)

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Posted (edited)

I've just published the first version of my new doom mod, "MooD": https://jmtd.net/doom/mood/


It's the beginning of trying to build something that could perhaps be used to build other things, that recognise Doom as a platform for expression, and one of the best tools for building our own virtual worlds that we had in the 90s. all the player weapons are gone, except for the player's own fists (and the chainsaw, which might be employed for non-violent purposes). The monsters are still there, but they won't attack you, or each other. You are free to explore people's virtual worlds as a tourist.


It's implemented as a DEHACKED patch and for the time being at least is intended to be Vanilla compatible, but that might change in the future. There's plenty of bugs.


There's nothing else except the DEHACKED lump. Some of the ideas I've been playing around with might mean I put some levels together in the future, but I'm not sure if I'll take this much further or not. I don't want to commit.


I'm not sure if anyone will like this at all. I find it strangely compelling to wander around IWAD maps and see if they are still completable (MAP02 is challenging on skills ≥ 3, for completely different reasons to usual).

Enjoy, I hope!

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44 minutes ago, Linguica said:

Too bad this hack isn't really supported or else you could replace the pistol with a camera.


Hmm good point. (And I’m behind on instadoom developments and ought to give WOTY edition a spin!)

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