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Play Doom 3 Classic on Doom 3 BFG Edition

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I manage to port (most)  the classic Doom 3 mod on Doom 3 BFG edition.

All the maps are working (exept intro) on both singleplayer and multiplayer.

I heavily recommend to use Classic RBDoom3BFG since it is the only Doom 3 BFG Edition source port that support .ogg and .flac audio files and you can start the singleplayer campaign by using the new game option.

Download Link.

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I tried it and it works.

I have already known about the existence of this mod, but never tried it  until now.

Thank you.





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Holy crap, thanks for the heads up on this. I have been wanting to play through this again and was wondering if someone had got it to function with the BFG edition. Standard vanilla DOOM 3 does not want to cooperate on my current system.

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Just finished playing it, pity there's no Shores of Hell or Inferno.

Last time i played this was a few years ago in original Doom 3 and was hoping to play it again someday.



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