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Midi Samples?

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I want to try and make some music for DooM but utilize midi samples from around that time. Anyone know where I can get Midi Instrument samples?

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I'm not sure on midi samples.. But if you do find some and are looking for songs to make a midi out of, Symphony X is a good one to make a midi out of.

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You can't use samples with midi, midis get played with an external soundfont that is either provided by the user or the developer of the program the midi is going to be played back on. For example GZDoom has its own soundfont that it uses by default. Your midi will always use the samples from that soundfont unless the end user goes out of their way to change the default soundfont to something else.



Now, if you want to use a format that supports samples like mod/xm/it and you want to use samples from a midi soundfont you can certainly do that. OpenMPT can open .sfz files and save them as tracker instruments but i believe that depending on how the instrument is set up you will be limited to certain formats. Also you will need to extract the sfz files from the soundfont itself before importing them, OpenMPT can only access the 1st instrument (piano) from a full sf2 file because well it sucks like that. You can use SFZed to extract the instruments from the soundfont, but you will definitely need a separate directory to store them all in since you need to extract the samples as well (the sfz itself only contains the config into) so things can get pretty messy pretty quick if you want to extract multiple instruments.

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