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Sgt Nate V

Doom64EX Issue: Shots go BELOW crosshair

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There is this issue in Doom64EX where the shots will go below the crosshair if you are aiming up or down. In fact, I'm not even sure if this is intentional or not because I don't believe anyone else has mentioned this. Here is a video showcasing this.

(God, no matter how much I tweak the settings, OBS recordings still come out like shit.)

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I noticed this as well. I assumed it was intentional, the original Doom 64 didn't have a crosshair so maybe the shots fired below the center of the screen. I never payed attention when playing on N64 and I haven't gone back to it since I found out about D64Ex.

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The crosshair is where you look at. Your shooting height is a bit lower and so will be the hits because unless autoaiming is active the shot will be parallel to your line of sight.


You can see the same effect in other ports using a crosshair.


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