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Anyone got some revolver reload sprites?


To be completely honest, I have zero spriting knowledge, and I do what I can from sprites found in the spriting carnival and such.

I'm looking for a revolver with a reload animation. (Or at least, provide a sprite for a speedloader, and I can splice some sprites together)

I've considered ripping some from some mods, (such as project brutality) but I'm unsure if the artists are gonna be cool with that.


So if there's anyone out there who's got sprites and is okay with me making a mod about it, please tell me.


And of course, I will give credit.

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15 hours ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:

@Xaser's mod Zen Dynamics had a badass revolver/magnum, not traditional by any means, but if he's cool with it, that'd be a good one to use.

Thanks! I'll go ask @Xaser if he's cool with it.

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