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DUBG: A multiplayer focused mod - Alpha 1

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              Doomguy's Unknown Battlegrounds


This mod is mainly made for competitive gamemodes (Such as Deathmatch) but Single-Player
is supported too.
The aim of this mod is to be a fairly open-world (nothing as ridiculous as GTA 5 or Just Cause though) multiplayer
mod that plays sorta like PUBG, big cities with a closing barrier thingy etc. You know the drill.


Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?




-D-Touch/Zandro/1.8.6 Compatible!
-Optimized for very crappy computers and phones
-Animated using the latest TEXTURES technology, saving a lot of disk space
-12 new weapons
-Female status bar face controlled via the current player skin
(That means it works on GZDoom too!)

-Voice Taunts!
-One menu where you can switch to the next map, add/remove bots and a bit more
-Splitscreen compatibility using SSZDoom and the file DUBG-Splitscreen.pk3
-(Optional) Sprays! code from this adapted for 1.8.6
-1 new map (Doom City by Shamus Young, more in future updates)
-Compatible with any monster mod
-Player vs Player Glory kills
-A bunch of stolen borrowed sprites




Fist: Your fist, which alternating both fire and altfire keys can combo, and killing an enemy
with the fist executes a glory kill animation

  • AltFire: Use your right fist, alternating this with fire
    allows you to execute combos
    Ammo: Infinite (You can't run out of fist)

Pistol: Just a regular semi-automatic handgun

  • AltFire: Toggle laser sight, boosting damage and accuracy
    at the cost of firing speed
    Ammo: Bullets
    Clip capacity: 18 bullets

Colt Revolver: A strong single-action revolver with great accuracy

  • AltFire: Fan the hammer, greatly increasing firerate while lowering accuracy
    Ammo: 2 Bullets per shot
    Clip capacity: 8 shots

Shotgun: A pretty accurate pump-action shotgun

  • AltFire: Kick, dealing a fair amount of damage
    Ammo: Shells
    Clip capacity: 10 shells

Super Shotgun: A very strong double barrel shotgun with a long reloading time

  • AltFire: Fire one barrel at a time
    Ammo: Shells
    Clip capacity: Draws directly from ammo pool

Assault Shotgun: An automatic shotgun with fast firerate, but slow reload time and big spread

  • AltFire: Kick
    Ammo: Shells (See a pattern yet?)
    Clip capacity: 20 shells

Minigun: A really fast firing minigun, but it is quite heavy and slows you down

  • AltFire: Nothing
    Ammo: Bullets

UAC Compact SMG: A side-loaded sub machinegun with a fast firerate but a fairly long reload

  • AltFire: Nothing
    Ammo: Bullets
    Clip Capacity: 35

Assault rifle: A rifle that works best in short controlled bursts to keep accuracy

  • AltFire: Switch between Burst/Automatic firemodes
    Ammo: Bullets
    Clip Capacity: 25

Heavy Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher: A really heavy RPG that has a lot of power 
with the downside of slowing you down

  • AltFire: Nothing
    Ammo: Rockets
    Clip Capacity: 2

UAC Mark II Railgun: A very powerful Railgun with perfect accuracy but at a small speed

  • AltFire: Zoom in, immobilizing the user
    Ammo: 10 Cells per shot
    Clip Capacity: 40

Mysterious red sphere: Has a chance to spawn in place of the Soulsphere or Megasphere

  • AltFire: ???
    Ammo: ???




Note: To use vehicles, get close to them and press the "Use" key
They are controlled using your movement keys or any device you use for moving
Press E to get off them

Motorbike: A regular motorbike with great speed but crappy handling
Health: 150

Green Car: A normal car with bad speed but great handling
Health: 500







Credits can be found in the main PK3 itself.


Remember to bind your keys before playing!


Apply pressure on this long bar of text so a page will load where you can press another button to DOWNLOAD! this mod


Feedback is greatly appreciated, any suggestions will be considered.

Edited by TDRR

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Well. is that little problem only visual or once it's there you can't get it out? Because i really doubt i can fix that. (But admittedly i did chuckle when i saw that screenshot)

By the way, i was planning to add a Zombie mode that is planned to be sorta like Unturned, but i don't really have any good ideas about how to make it interesting, anyone has any ideas?

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