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Strange behavior of GZDoomBuilder while adding sectors

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So I'm working on my new map. It seems that I have trouble adding new sectors in one particular area of my map... When I add sector in a sector the editor is creating empty room with single-sided linedefs. When I add sector in the void it is composed of two-sided linedefs (?)... I can work around it by creating, moving and pasting sectors, but that makes detailing very problematic...


When I add sectors in another area everything seems to be working correctly.


What could be a reason of such behavior? 


PS. GZDoom Builder (bugfix) v2.3.0.3018.



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Looks like GZDB thinks you're drawing in the big sectors. Did you check for errors (F4)? I guess this might happen if something's wrong with the sectors numbers your sidedefs are referencing. Besides that there's not much that can be done without looking at the map.

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Fixed by restarting the app :)

The usual way of fixing IT issues... Must have been a temporary glitch.


Thanks anyway!


BTW: Just did the map-check - there are no errors related to geometry, just some missing textures.

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