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How to add weapons/monsters to Doombuilder?

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I know how to spawn enemies through console codes, but how can I add them to
the Doombuilder things menu


I have some custom monsters and weapons, however I can't seem to be able to find them through the "Decorate" option in Doombuilder's "things menu".


I have added the .WADs from the Map Options menu.

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First, you have to assign the actors DoomEdNums.

Take this actor, for example:

actor DualBerettas : Weapon 5010

Notice that after the actor type, here "Weapon", there's a number, here 5010. That assigns this actor a number that a Doom level editor can recognize and use to position it in the map.

However, you need to be careful with your DoomEdNums, because you might replace things you don't want to. Here, the weapon DualBerettas has the number 5010, which is the same as Doom's pistol. Here, this is intentional, but in your mod, it may not be, so safe numbers to use would be 10000 and above.


Also, in your DECORATE file, you can assign specific flags for Doom Builder to recognize specifically to make finding your actors easier by organizing them, renaming them, and assigning them sprites which will be viewed only in the editor.

actor DualBerettas : Weapon 5010
 //$Category Weapons
 //$Sprite BERRA0
 Tag "Dual Berettas"

Here, the first three flags are commented out so GZDoom (or whatever) ignores them. However, the $ in front of them makes Doom Builder notice them, so $Category Weapons sets it under the Weapons category instead of Decorate.

Here, $Sprite BERRA0 defines how the actor will appear in the editor, in this case, using the sprite BERRA0.

$NotAngled simply removes that cute little arrow that shows which way the actor is facing.

Tag is something recognized both in Doom Builder and in GZDoom. Here it's "Dual Berettas", which means in the editor, that's how the actor's name will be written, and the same in-game.

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