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Problem with a glitched challenge at Advanced Research Complex

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Hi all,

I'm playing the new Doom on Xbox and have run into a glitch I was hoping someone might have some advice on.


I completed the Advanced Research Complex on the main campaign, but missed the 2nd rune trial stone and a few other secrets. I therefore failed the "Double Take" challenge. I went back via Mission Select to clean up the missed secrets and challenges, and encountered the stone, but I didn't actually activate it because it would take me out of the mission level. I finished the Mission Select level, then completed the trial via the Rune Trial menu.


But the challenge still showed as incomplete (1/2) . So I went through and played through the mission again in Mission Select, and sure enough both rune stones were destroyed and collapsed. While playing the actual level, it showed the mission as completed. But when back in the menu, it's still showing the challenge as incomplete.

I'm now concerned I won't be able to get the upgrade point or unlock the achievement at all absent a whole new playthrough. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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