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Mac-Friendly SRB2 when?

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I use a Mac for all of my Doom business (yes, I hear the booing, don't remind me) so it surprises me how accommodating some of these programs are (Doomseeker, GZdoom, etc.). However, every single game I look for on Doomseeker that actually has players is just an SRB2 game. Which, by the way, would be fine. I used to play it all the time, but the problem is it won't work with my Mac. It just doesn't work. I open the game and it just shuts down instantly. Anyone know why? 

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Well, my explanation is short and sweet: Fuck Mac updates. When I played the Mac port of SRB2, it would give me a black screen whenever I played in fullscreen.

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21 hours ago, Stonewall_Jackson said:

Anyone know why? 


Maybe because thanks to the Apple way of doing things, older software gradually becomes more and more unstable if it won't see regular maintenance.

Every time I have to upgrade macOS on my working computer it's a guessing game which software will break this time. Something always will.


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