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My new DooM WAD

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Now I know Im infamous for making shitty WADS, but ive learned a lot and I believe this is my best WAD so far.



Source-port tested: GZDooM






HellishSpaceOutpost (V.2.0).zip

Edited by Awesome64

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4 hours ago, Awesome64 said:


The map functioned fine, had a few texture problems and a few door tracks sliding but overall it wasn't a negative experience. The midi was funky. Keep trying, I had fun!

Edited by Bushpig2dope

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GZDoom 2.4.0, UV, saveless

Doom II - MAP01


Agreed with Bushpig above me. Not too bad, but it does need work.

The encounters could be more interesting and the textures seem rather monotonous, but it's not a "shitty" map by any means.

There were a couple of missing textures, one of which I tried to look at in the video while in combat because I'm a genius, but that can happen to anyone.

The dark room with the zombies was unexpected and actually worked out to be pretty cool in GL, watching them walk out of the darkness was rather intimidating.

Apparently I missed the plasma rifle, I guess that was the map secret, but overall it wasn't a bad attempt. Keep working on it.

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This is the hidden path, theres also more shotgun ammo hidden in the second room of the level



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Oh, okay, cool. As you saw in the video (if you watched it), I refrained from using my automap.

I haven't much of a nose for secrets. It's usually my map that leads me to them.

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You can get softlocked by jumping down from on top of the large stairs. And there's also some gnarly hall of mirroring when you do that. You can also get softlocked by jumping into the water by the end/plasma gun. Inescapable pits should always be damaging or they shouldn't be inescapable. 


The ending was very sudden.


Keep up the mapping. I don't remember your maps in particular, but this is not horrendous. I suggest you keep doing shorter maps like this and keep playing with different ideas.

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Thank you for reporting these bugs, I have replaced the original download with Version 2, Which has the bugs you mentioned removed or fixed.

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