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Stronghold skyes are broken!

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Hello! The problem that I have with stronghold WAD on doom 2 is easly readable in the title, but I report it here too:


When I open the stronghold WAD from doomseeker or just from the WAD file, all the textures are perfectly functioning, but the sky textures are like the photoshop's background, you know, that image with static withe and gray squares (i report an image so you can see).

If you could help me, i would be very happy and grateful.



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Stronghold is a pk3 file and it should have everything, including the skies.

Maybe the skies are missing in your file. I recommend you to get the original file in Realm 667 and load it again.

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Posted (edited)

What port are you playing it in? afaik, stronghold has skyboxes and they are can only be rendered in open gl. I may be wrong though 


EDIT: Yup, as I thought, stronghold uses skyboxes that are directly defined in the gldefs lump and thus, can only be rendered in an open gl port like gzdoom for example. 

So, either you have a problem that is beyond me OR, you are simply not playing in OGL which would explain why the sky doesn't render at all. 

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