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Problem downloading Doom Touch soundfont

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(I dont know if this has already posted)


Just got a Fast Internet package. Since Doom Touch Music soundfont was 33mb (fluidsynth are 55mb) I use the package to download it.


Ir turns out i cant access the download process. After Downloading/Extracting window pop-up, it bombs to java error. Stated it wasnt a zip archive. 



My friend also had D-Touch, also the soundfont files. It says that the file you needed is in the eawpats. So my friend transfered the eawpats to my phone but still cant get it working. Still Saying 'do you want to download soundfount bla bla bla'


how do i supposed to do?

Your support are greatly appreaciated.


EDIT: All files are copied/placed on the same loaction as my friend does. Also my Dtouch version are same as my friend one.


Additional question: I found WeedsGM3.sf2 at where the eawpats folder was located. What the hell is that?

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Posted (edited)

Are you using Delta Touch? Doom Touch is outdated and not supported AFAIK.


EDIT: Actually, make sure your directory where Delta Touch is installed is WRITABLE. I just downloaded the music pack just fine. 77MB, no errors.

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